Dental Implant Treatments

Quality Dental Implants Melbourne

For more than 25 years, Melbourne families have trusted Complete Dental Care with all their dental implant needs, from replacing a single tooth through to all teeth on one jaw, using an All on 4 dental implant.

Complete Dental Care utilises the latest available technologies to ensure the best result when implanting a new tooth into your mouth.  Our use of CAD Cam technology ensures highly accurate implant positioning, so that we can take advantage of even the smallest available space within your mouth.

View our video demonstrating the CAD Cam positioning of dental implants.

3D printing technologies are also employed to then accurately manufacture our surgical template ensuring accuracy and time saving when placing implant optimally.

Our team of highly qualified dentists with significant experience in periodontics, have been working together for the best part of a decade, giving you peace of mind knowing that you will see the same dentist every time.

If you are seeking a second opinion before you go ahead with a complex or expensive surgical treatment, one of our health practitioners will be pleased to consult with you.

All implant treatments provided by Complete Dental Care will be accurately recorded through our digital records technology.  Accurate digital records are vital for correctly identifying issues that may occur in your teeth and gums, and assist in the selection of the correct treatment plan for your unique mouth.

Common Dental Services For Dental Implant Treatments

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