Preventative Dentistry

We’ve made Preventative Dentistry a key priority at Complete Dental Care giving you certainty and peace of mind from knowing dental issues will be detected early and treated before they become a problem. This will save you discomfort and cost over the longer term.

To maintain your healthy smile, we recommend regular at-home brushing and flossing routines along with regular preventative appointments. Our team of dental hygienists are specifically trained to determine the health of your gums and teeth and identify any concerns early. Each session typically involves scaling, polishing and a thorough analysis of hard and soft tissues.

Preventive dental care will benefit anyone but it’s best to start early – as child or young adult. However, even those who no longer have their own teeth benefit because oral health conditions, such as mouth cancer or denture stomatitis, can be identified during regular visits and treated early.

We use all the latest technology available in dentistry, including a digital dental records system which ensures that changes in your mouth can be accurately monitored and recorded over time.  This helps us to proactively select the best treatment plans for your unique situation.

Common Dental Services For Preventative Dentistry

Common Dental Services related to Preventative Dentistry