Complex Dentistry

Advanced dental problems bring with them complex diagnostic and treatment issues. Often this will require an interdisciplinary team working together to deliver optimum outcomes.

In some cases multiple procedures such as Implants, Crowns & Bridge work, Veneers, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Orthodontics and Periodontal Disease can be required to treat one patient. Such complex treatment often requires the services of multiple practitioners and sometimes external specialists to achieve desired outcomes. At CDC we have the knowledge, ability and relationships with fellow practitioners whereby we can assemble the best teams available in Melbourne and then jointly plan, sequence and coordinate the most complex of treatments. Such an organizational approach ensures the highest level of ‘cutting edge’ professional dental care is always available to our patients.

Complex/Multidisciplinary Dentistry

Periodontic/Orthodontic/Implant/Restorative Care

Discussion, diagnosis & planning


Post Perio/Ortho & Implant Therapy


Common Dental Services For Complex Dentistry

Common Dental Services related to Complex Dentistry