All On Four Plus

This concept is a modern surgical technique whereby all the teeth in one jaw are supported by four implants (two front implants parallel and two back implants tilted at 450). The tilting of the back implants helps overcome bone deficiencies often found in the posterior aspect of the jaws.

Using fewer implants means that surgery is less complicated and the final teeth can be made more quickly achieving optimum aesthetic results. Ongoing cleaning and maintenance is far simpler as well.

Each Treatment is planned on an individual basis. While some patients may require additional implants and procedures, our aim is to design treatment so it has a minimum impact on your daily life.

All On Four Plus (All-On-4)

Implant therapy, whether it is four or more implants with or without grafting, the All On Four Plus (All-On-4) philosophy can quickly turn failing dentition into one that not only functions optimally but also achieves your aesthetic desires.

Aesthetic Gum Replacement

Aesthetic dentistry is not just about the shape, position and colour of the teeth. Following biomimetic principles and harmonizing the transition between the teeth, gums and lips is essential. In most patients who have lost or are about to lose their teeth, the form and symmetry of the gums has often been lost due to gum disease or recession. In such cases an ‘aesthetic gum replacement’ is the only predictable way to restore healthy proportions and harmony required for a natural looking smile.


Alveolectomy is the reduction and reshaping of the underlying bone that creates the required space for an optimal design and positioning of the implant-supported replacement teeth thus allowing for maximum control over the final smile design.

The loss of teeth leads to natural resorption of the jaw bone. The resultant changes and loss of tone in the face create what we all perceive as an ‘aged look’. When a denture is worn, whether there is too much bulk or inadequate lip support, the plastic extensions (flanges) of a denture that help with its retention often lead to unnatural aesthetics or fake-looking teeth. The ‘alveolectomy’ avoids the need for flanges and enables ‘aesthetic gum replacement’ that mimics the shape of natural bony ridges leading to more natural lip aesthetics, healthy-looking gums and improved design for longer-lasting restorations.

Case Study 1 : Aesthetic Gum Replacement

By simultaneously performing an alveolectomy and implant placement the transition line between the teeth and the gums is moved up under the lip and out of the ‘smile line’. The result is a harmonious blend between the ‘pink and white’ aspects of the new teeth.

Case Study 2 : Lower Arch All-on-4


Post Implant Placement

Fabrication of teeth

New Teeth