3D Cad Cam Implant planning Protocol

3D Cad Cam Implant planning systems are a revolutionary way to precisely prepare for your dental implant treatment well-before your surgical procedure.

  • Easy, safe and predictable
  • No healing time required

The 3D Cad Cam Implant planning Protocol system is used to enable you to have your new teeth in some cases right away. With conventional treatment, you would have to wait for your implants to bond and your bone heal before teeth are placed, which can take months. NobelGuide™ allows your new teeth to be placed immediately. You may even be able to eat directly after your treatment.

3D Cad Cam Implant planning Protocol is a virtual system that has many advantages over traditional implant treatments. Not only does it reduce the number of visits, as it is a more efficient procedure you also spend less time in the dental chair. Best of all, very little recovery period is required after treatment, so you can return to your active life immediately.

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Today there is no need to settle for anything less. The NobelGuide™ system means we can replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants – easily, quickly and comfortably.