Our Dental Philosophy

Welcome to Complete Dental Care

On behalf of my staff and myself I extend a warm welcome to you as a patient of Complete Dental Care St Kilda Road. We are dedicated to providing our patients with what we like to refer to as full face dentistry. To us, excellent care means a total commitment to the Health, Function and Aesthetics of not only the mouth but of the face and the body as well. All our patients benefit from the most advanced dental technology and the extensive post graduate training of our highly experienced, caring practitioners. Immediate emergency care and innovative treatment options that we provide increase the likelihood of success in dental treatment for all our patients.

Dental Care is a Lifelong Process

When we are younger, most of us worry only about cavities. As we get older, the chance of cavities, or dental caries, decreases. That does not mean, however, that we can stop paying attention to our teeth and gums. Gum disease, for example, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and without a regular dental examination and periodontal evaluation, potentially serious conditions such as gingivitis can remain undetected until extensive treatment is needed.

Health, Function and Aesthetics

In the past, dentistry concentrated on “drilling and filling” or “break and repair” dentistry. Today we concentrate on Continuous Care Dentistry and focus on long term Dental Health Goals rather than short term fixes. When assessing our patient’s needs our main goal is to achieve optimum health, optimum function and optimum aesthetics with our treatment outcomes.

With all Comprehensive Dental Care the initial goal is always health and function. Once these goals have been achieved, our patients then often look to creating a youthful, natural, beautiful smile.

Facial Aesthetics

What are the ingredients that make a beautiful smile? Twenty years of experience has shown us how to develop beautiful smiles for our patients. Whether it is creating a whiter, brighter smile or just a better, slightly younger version of yourself, we have a range of techniques to support the lips, remove lines in your face as well as tidying up the teeth that helps to create the look you want.

What about children and teenagers? Creating pleasing smiles in youthful faces is actually often quite easy. Children and young adolescents with full lips, chubby cheeks and straight teeth are generally very photogenic. The question is will the treatment provided still look good when they are 25, 35, 45, 55 and beyond once the ageing process has set in?

Our full face dentistry philosophy is based on incorporating treatment goals to ensure the lips, cheeks and the face from front on and in profile maintain a Look that lasts a lifetime.

By ensuring that our 4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 year old patients can express the full genetic growth potential of the lower half of their faces, unhindered we can more often than not prevent the need for ‘camouflage’ treatment of crowded, rotated teeth in teenagers and young adults. In many cases we can also prevent the need for elective extractions in teenagers where excessive crowding is otherwise present. This is the basis of our full face dentistry philosophy.

The cross discipline training of our gentle practitioners creates an environment where we can truly blend art and science with comfort and care where this philosophy can be successfully implemented.

Whether your concerns are health, function or aesthetic, working together my staff and I look forward to maintaining your Dental Health in the years to come.

Kind Regards,

Dr Adam Keyes–Tilley