Restorative Dentistry

For over 25 years, Melbourne families have trusted Complete Dental Care for all their restorative and endodontic dental care.

We’ve chosen the most reliable in advanced techniques, including computer-aided design and on-site 3D manufacture,  along with the finest colour-matched filling materials available to restore your beautiful smile and give you confidence with full dental health.  Our advanced bonding techniques can repair chipped or damaged teeth and improve the colour, shape, contour and overall appearance.

Our holistic approach to Restorative Dentistry gives you a smile that not only functions well but also looks and feels as close to your natural teeth as possible.  Early diagnosis and treatments, such as computer-aided crown replacements prevent the need for more complex treatments including root canals.

Where possible, we seek to preserve your natural teeth before resorting to full or partial dentures. However, full or partial dentures may be your better option if you have several missing teeth or if dental implants are not a valid option.

Our digital dental records system ensures that changes in your mouth can be accurately monitored over time, helping with the selection of the best treatment plans for your unique situation.

Common Dental Services For Restorative Dentistry

Common Dental Services related to Restorative Dentistry