Smile Makeovers

The Art & Science of a Smile

Traditionally, dentistry consisted of oral hygiene, fillings and pain relief. Then out of the 80’s new materials and techniques emerged and suddenly everyone wanted a ‘Hollywood Smile’,

The early 90’s saw a fundamental change in dentistry. For many patients, the health and function of their smile took a back seat, as dentists honed their skills and helped patients achieve a perfect smile, with the symmetry and whiteness they’d always dreamed of.

After years of creating these smiles, patients began asking for a different kind of smile. They wanted a younger, more natural, version of themselves, rather than a completely new version. They wanted changes that would last, rather than a ‘Hollywood Smile’ needing constant repair and maintenance.

After developing his skills in the area of Cosmetic Dentistry, Melbourne Dentist Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley realised that creating truly beautiful, natural, individual smiles wasn’t as simple as creating nice white symmetrical teeth.

So Adam went back to study, to explore all of the advances in modern dentistry. Not just the cosmetic advances but to truly understand the key ingredients of a beautiful, healthy and lasting smile.

After many years of postgraduate study in Cosmetic, Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry, Adam gained two Fellowships in General Practice, Restorative/Periodontal Dentistry & Orthodontics in General Dentistry.

Based on his studies of the whole face, the ‘Aesthetic Smile Makeover’ process that Adam now undertakes with his patients is vastly different to the ‘Cosmetic Makeover’ process of the 90’s.

The focus of his ‘Aesthetic Smile Makeover’ is delivering beautiful smiles, whilst minimising the ‘biological cost’ to the teeth and surrounding structures and maximising the longevity of the smile.

Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley’s ‘Aesthetic Smile Makeover’ begins with a series of questions:

  • What type of smile do you want?
  • Do you want a smile that will have people asking who did your teeth?
  • Or would you prefer them thinking what a great smile you have and not considering whether you’ve had work done or not?

Finding out what a patient doesn’t like about their teeth is equally important.

The colour, the shape of the teeth, how a smile looks from the side as well as the front, the appearance of the gums and the soft tissue and the way the lips work with the smile.

Taking all of these things into consideration, Adam can then determine if adding, subtracting or moving teeth is needed to achieve the desired result.

Adam also believes it’s important for patients to understand that some ‘Aesthetic Smile Makeovers’ can be achieved quickly, while others can take years, depending on the complexity of the work and the desired end result.

As Adam says “Smile Makeovers can be simple and delivered quickly by changing colour and negating ‘visual tension’ in a smile. Sometimes by creating a balancing of imperfection, increasing soft tissue support and facial fullness with injectable facial rejuvenation techniques.

On other occasions, there might be a need to create adequate soft tissue support and fullness by moving teeth, moving jaws, grafting hard and soft tissues and placing implants. This can be a longer process. Soft tissue fullness and facial harmony or lack thereof can make or break a great smile.”

What technique is best for you?

With his cross-disciplinary training in so many fields of dentistry, Adam is able to design, coordinate and deliver a customised ‘Aesthetic Smile Makeover’ integrating all the latest advances in modern dentistry and facial rejuvenation. Invisible orthodontics, Porcelain Veneers and Crowns, Implants to All-on-4 full arch rehabilitation on implants or a combination of all these treatments is sometimes required to achieve the desired result.


The best way to determine which services will provide the desired smile is to utilise Digital Smle Design ipad based  technology.


Adam’s overriding philosophy is:

‘Above all, a ‘Smile Makeover’ must balance health, function and longevity with a patients aesthetic desires.’

This is essentially the difference between regular Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley’s ‘Aesthetic Smile Makeover.’

Whether your concerns are as simple as the colour of your teeth or more complex, we invite you to make an appointment with Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley to discuss your smile.