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Adult Orthodontics and Combined Treatments

Smile Makeover

As adults we often spend a lot of time caring for and worrying about our careers, our partners, the health of our children and the well being of our extended families and friends. Then one day something happens. It maybe a change in career, it maybe a lifestyle change, maybe the kids have just left school, maybe we have a health scare. All of a sudden for better or worse we focus on our own health. When this shift occurs our first conversations with our patients begins with addressing Health and Functional issues that may have occurred from neglect, through trauma or maybe they occurred due to a lack of opportunity earlier in life.

Today with amazing techniques at our finger tips many dental health issues that adults face later in life can be addressed and often times reversed. With the aid of modern tooth alignment techniques such as INVISALIGN or White Braces pre restorative orthodontics prior to implant placement and placement of final crowns and veneers can simultaneously move teeth into the correct functional and aesthetic position, improve dental occlusion (bites) and reduce the necessity to ‘cut back’ sound teeth to achieve desired aesthetics.

Utilising Digital scanners, Orthodontic 3D Simulation software, Digital Smile Design software we can show patients in 3D how their smiles will look before we start and then from this design print ‘clip on shells’ to try in the mouth for the full real life visual and sensory experience before committing to treatment.

This is a truly revolutionary Treatment Planning system for our Multidisciplinary Treatments.

Have a look at the before and after video where the patient is wearing the ‘clip on shells’


Dr Adam Keyes – Tilley

Before :



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