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For more than 25 years, Melbourne families have trusted Complete Dental Care to give them more confidence with a smile they’re proud of for life.

Your smile is much more than simply how straight, bright or white your teeth are. Our holistic approach to dentistry gives you a smile that looks great and appears natural but is healthy and functions well. We look at the shape, position and colour of your teeth, as well as underlying issues that need addressing.

Our focus on prevention means dental issues are detected before they become a problem. This is why we’ve made Children’s Dentistry and Preventative Dentistry a priority, so we can address issues early – and save you time and money on expensive treatments later.

Led by Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley, our team of highly experienced dentists have been with us for decades. Our stable team means you’ll see the same dentist every time you visit.

Complete Dental Care is a leader in digital dental innovation. We are committed to having the most leading-edge facilities, including onsite 3D-scanning and 3D-printing for the benefit and convenience of our patients. This means we don’t have to send patients out as often and many treatments can be completed in one session.

Before starting on any treatment, we take the time to educate you with all the necessary information on all the clinical options so you are well informed to make the right decision.

Dental Services

Each of our services has a common aim – to give you the confidence that comes with a beautiful healthy smile you’re proud of.​

Preventative Dentistry

Have certainty and peace of mind knowing dental issues will be detected and treated before they’re a problem

Aesthetic Dentistry

Stand out with a healthy, natural looking smile, improving the shape, position and colour of your teeth

Restorative Dentistry

Restore your smile by improving the colour and repairing or replacing chipped, worn or missing teeth


Give yourself or your teenager the confidence that comes with a smile that’s straight and perfectly aligned

Complex Dentistry

Solve your complex needs in one place, with our experienced team providing multiple treatments in one session


Restore your bite and smile by replacing missing teeth with artificial implants, firmly secured in your mouth

Orthopaedic Orthotropics

Make your smile the best it can be, by ensuring it suits your face

What Do Our Patients Say?

parisima kouklan
I have been Adam’s patient for more than 12 years now!!! Cannot trust any other dentist !! His team is the best !Super friendly staff , great hygiene , excellent service Feel like my family and I love them all . Today they played a very beautiful song from my country while I was having my routine hygiene and check up done by Russel and Adam . It was so nice and touching .Tank you Adam . Russel you are amazing ❤️
Mac Emiantor
There are no known words to describe the immaculate service I recently received from Dr. Adam and the entire team at Complete Dental Care. I have never been so happier with my smile. From the initial consultation right through to treatment, I felt extremely comfortable and well looked after. I cannot recommend Complete Dental Care enough. Thank you so much for giving me my smile and confidence back. This is priceless. THANK YOU!
Peta Davies
Russell is the funniest and most professional hygienists I’ve experienced to date. Today my daughter visited Russell for a hygiene appointment and he stepped her through the process on how to floss, making sure she understood everything. He answered all of her important questions and explained the anatomy of a human tooth with visuals. Don’t put off your next dental visit any longer, visit Russell and the tram at CDC and show the world your wonderful smile.
Tao Hsu
I have been a patient of this practice for nearly 5 years now. I chose this practice for a number of reasons: strong recommendations from friends, a convenient location and a team of dental hygienists -- as I think they do a better job of cleaning than dentists do. I felt a very different experience compared to all my previous dental experiences from when I first sat with Helen who discreetly asked me about my medical and dental history. My dental hygienist is now Russ and I really appreciate that he is very thorough -- and what a great sense of humour. My personal breakthrough moment was when Maria explained to me the importance of flossing. In the past, dentists at other practices reminded me that I should floss regularly but Maria explained what was happening with the anaerobic bacteria and the importance of the timing of flossing. Whoa! big change, because now I had a reason to change my habits. From being someone who really only flossed very rarely, I started flossing every day. It's been about 2 years that I have flossed everyday. I'm so grateful to Maria for providing that education and insight. When Maria has been away, I have also seen Adam, a very gentle and careful dentist. Adam started the CDC practice and I mentioned to him I thought his team was exceptional. He explained that he selects team members who know how to relate to patients. So true! I've had an exceptionally positive experience with this practice.
Margaret Yu
CDC, particularly Adam and Russell, looks after the hygiene, orthodontic and special dental for my whole extended family for many years. Every visit is enjoyable as everyone is super friendly and professional there. We highly recommend them to everyone!!

With you every step of the way

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Helen is our Patient Care Coordinator and coordinates every aspect of your personalised care.

Helen can answer any questions you may have. She can also help arrange an appointment time that’s convenient.

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Ground Floor, 468 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3004

Phone: 03 9866 1171

Complete Dental Care is a short tram ride from the CBD, just after the Shrine, and a short walk from Toorak Road. Our practice is halfway between South Melbourne and South Yarra, a few minutes’ drive from Windsor, Prahran and Middle Park.

We are also highly accessible, with access from the ground floor. As many people are busy during the week, we’re also open on Saturday mornings by apppointment.

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