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Your First Visit

General Dentistry

During your first visit with us you will be interviewed by our patient co-ordinator and asked specific questions on your medical health. These details will then be used to understand your current medical status and previous dental history. All information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will be used to assist us in advising the right treatments for your needs. A comprehensive examination and charting will then follow. Click here to complete your Medical History online

Extra oral

Initially an extra oral examination will be conducted. This will include assessment of your Temporomandibular Joint (jaw joint), the surrounding muscles, function of the joint, your lymph nodes and glands in the head and neck area will be palpated as well as the thyroid. Your lips will also be reviewed for any blemishes.

Intra oral

The first stage of the intra oral examinations is to check the palate, the tongue, the throat, inside the cheeks, the floor of the mouth and the lips for ulcers, lumps, bumps or suspicious growths. Without wanting to sound alarmist cancers of the mouth are more prevalent and have higher mortality rates in Australia that cervical cancer! The key is early detection and intervention.

Tooth Charting

A detailed review of each tooth will take place at every examination. Any concerns will be charted and kept on your own personal record. This will help us to monitor changes and have access to historical treatments of any tooth in your mouth.

Periodontal Charting

Periodontal charting is used to monitor the health of your gums and in particular the gum’s attachment to your teeth. If your gums are inflamed or infected they will recede from your teeth. With periodontal gum treatment and diligent home care the process can in some cases be reversed. Regular periodontal charting is essential to monitor this progress.

Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs (X-rays) are taken to assess many different dental conditions. The most common being decay. X-rays can also measure the placement of teeth and bone levels.

External X-rays are also sometimes required, especially for wisdom tooth extraction, overall bone level assessment, orthodontic assessments and prior to implant placement.

Dental Photography

Intra oral photographs can be taken to correctly record treatment and to accurately monitor changes within your mouth. External photos of your smile, and profile can also be of assistance in the planning phase of major treatments.

Dental Models

Dental Models (study models) are essential to help us plan for certain treatments. These treatments include crown and bridgework, veneers, inlays/onlays, orthodontics, implant placements, tooth whitening, mouthguards and snoring appliances.

Dental Report

A dental report can be provided upon request. This can be for your own records or for correspondence to other professionals i.e. referral or third party reports.

Treatment Plan

A detailed treatment plan can be provided with estimates of expected costs. This can include X-rays and images to help explain why we have recommended such treatments.

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