Oral Health Therapist

Hani Amin

BOH (Otago)

Hani emigrated from Africa to New Zealand in 2004. Upon completion of high school in Wellington Hani moved down to South Island (Dunedin) where she completed a Bachelor of Science and then a Bachelor of Oral Health.

As an oral health therapist Hani works alongside dentists to improve patient’s oral health through education and promotion of good oral health behaviours. Hani plays a pivotal role in the preventive and supportive therapy of periodontal – or gum – disease. For the children of our practice Hani diagnoses and manages the restoration of tooth decay, orthodontic referrals and extraction of baby teeth. Hani also provides auxilliary services such as mouthguards whitening and radiographs.

Family is very important to Hani and she loves to spend time with them during her spare time. Hani’s passions include travelling abroad, learning about different cultures and celebrating diversity amongst all walks of life.


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