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Case 1

This patient had been wearing a removable partial denture since he was 16 years old.

He presented to me from Brisbane with a cracked lone standing upper canine tooth causing his partial denture to become mobile when eating chewy foods.

It was decided to remove the fractured canine tooth and partially rehabilitate his upper arch with implant dentistry.


This patient is now a ‘happy camper’ both aesthetically and functionally. Most importantly he can now eat steak!

Case 2

This patient was referred to us from interstate. He unfortunately was the victim of a vicious assault resulting in the following:

  • Loss of many of his front teeth (upper + lower)
  • Associated bone loss
  • Remaining teeth were fractured and mobile

This patient was obviously very uncomfortable with his appearance and his inability to socialise and function with a removable denture that was fabricated for him.

The treatment plan for him was as follows:

Day 1

  1. Remove all of remaining teeth
  2. Immediately place 8 implants in the upper arch and 6 implants in the lower arch+ impressions.
  3. Insert a full upper removable denture
  4. Insertion of full lower Hybrid Bridge attached to six lower implants.

Then 4 months later when he returned to Melbourne.

Day 4

  1. Second stage surgery to expose the upper implants
  2. Impressions of upper implants

Day 7

  1. Insertion of a full upper bridge with adjusted aesthetics to give this patient the wide ‘Hollywood’ smile he had always wanted!

Case 3

‘I always regretted not having braces as a kid, how can I reverse the damage?’

‘Its easier than you think, improvements can be made utilising adult orthodontics. We will also offer tooth whitening and an implant, combing these treatments will give you a major improvement and a new found confidence’

Case 4

‘Every time I visit the dentist I need more fillings. Every time I go away I break another tooth. I hate the look of my teeth and I am fed up with the maintenance, just rip them out and give me dentures!’

Now that is the worst thing you could do! It will affect your quality of life, alter your speech patterns, reduce the food groups that you can eat and enjoy, create digestive problems and reduce your taste sensation. Please consider a rehabilitation using crowns & veneers. You will no longer be faced with such maintenance issues, eat better, feel better and look younger to boot’

This patient agreed and she has never looked back!

Case 5

‘My gums are becoming too painful to chew on, my ugly denture clasps keep breaking and I do not want implants, what can you do for me?’

‘A combination of Crown & Bridge work to rehabilitate your bite and a claspless denture with precision attachments that fit inside the crowns should solve your dilemma.’

Case 6

“I have worn my teeth down is there anything I can do?”

Yes, we can perform a gum lift exposing the roots of the teeth, build the lower teeth up with composite veneers and then place crowns to lengthen the upper teeth.


Case 7 NobelGuide

“I can no longer eat all the foods I want I have loose teeth in the lower jaw that are painful to chew on. Can I have implants? I am scared of having a general anaesthetic and I am worried about the surgery.”

Utilising Cone Beam CT Scanning, CAD/CAM technology and keyhole flapless surgical techniques we can create a surgical guide to ensure the precise placement of your implants. This technique takes less time than conventional surgery and patients normally experience less postoperative swelling and discomfort.

Accordingly we can now carry out many procedures under local rather than general anaesthesia.

Case 8 All-on-4 Lower arch


Post Implant Placement

Fabrication of teeth

New Teeth

Case 9 – Extraction of failing dentition, alveolectomy & simultaneous implant placement to create longer teeth

“I have lost my faith in dentistry. This is my second dental bridge in 5 years and it too is now failing and my teeth are cracking beneath it. I hate my short square teeth to boot, what can I do?”

Space makes the case! We need to remove your failing teeth and associated bridge work, we then need to repostion the bone and place dental implants at a level that will allow us to create a thicker, stronger dental bridge more resistant to flexure and fracture. By transitioning through a Provisional Acrylic Bridge during the healing phase we will be able to create a more natural tooth/gum transition. Having more space will also enable us to create longer, more aesthetically pleasing teeth.


Post Exo, Alveolectomy & Implant Placement

Provisional Bridge

Final Implant Bridge



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