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Case 1 – Whitening

Look at the aesthetic benefits of Teeth Whitening. We can restore you smile to it’s bright, white best with a full whitening procedure


AESTHETICS – Case 2 Whitening, recontouring & two new crowns

I don’t want a makeover, I just want two front teeth that don’t appear fake and a bit of a tidy up!’

‘Sure a little whitening, some bonding, reshaping and two crowns to match, don’t worry we will keep the individuality of your smile.’

Case 3 – Fractured root extraction/immediate implant placement/Provisional Crown & Finalisation

‘Help me I have broken my front tooth there is nothing left, I can’t go out in public, what can I do?’

‘That’s we can remove your tooth place an implant and make you a temporary crown all on the same day!

Case 4 – Soft tissue grafting & Zirconia Crown & Bridge (metal free) replacing old porcelain/metal bridge

This patient was very unhappy with the appearance of her old metal/porcelain crown and bridgework and the overall appearance of her chipped/worn lower teeth.

She lacked confidence when at work, when giving presentations to large gatherings and wanted to give herself a lift!

The following plan was decided upon.

Stage 1

  • Remove the existing crown and bridge work on the upper left to enable a periodontist to provide a soft tissue graft to re-contour the depression over her missing lateral tooth

Stage 2 after 3 months

  • To remove all remaining upper crown and bridgework and replace with all ceramic zirconia material.
  • To place Porcelain Veneers on the lower incisor teeth


A happy, confident patient.

Case 5 – Porcelain Veneers replacing old composite veneers

This patient has always had a fantastically engaging smile. After many years of flashing her ‘pearly whites’ at any given opportunity she came across an old photograph and realised how her teeth were now looking a little old and tired. Over the years the slow rate of deterioration had caught up with her and she had had enough!

After much consultation on ‘smile design’ this is what we came up with. Ms W now has her MOJO back!!

Case 6 – Porcelain Veneer & Maryland Bridge

‘I don’t want my teeth cut back; I don’t want a crown can you block out the colour with a veneer? I have also been told I don’t have enough room for an implant, what can I do?’

“We can block out colours with veneers, however dark colours can be difficult (far easier with full coverage crowns), we will do our best and conserve tooth structure as you wish. As for the space a bonded maryland bridge will work well!’

Case 7 – Perio/Ortho/Implant/Zirconia Crowns

Complex/Multidisciplinary dentistry when planned and performed well can take peoples’ smiles to places they could only imagine or dream about. Pre restorative orthodontics can sometimes turn compromised aesthetic failures back into beautiful natural smiles.

This Mr X hated the attempt to mask the fact there was a congenitally missing upper left lateral.

Perio/Ortho/Implant & Restorative therapy delivered by a team of four achieved this outcome.


Post Perio/Ortho & Implant Therapy


Just remember you are never too old for Orthodontics!

Case 8 – Porcelain Veneers

“My teeth are thin and worn and I hate the look of them. I want a Hollywood Smile, big bright & white.”

Case 9 – Porcelain Emax Crowns & Emax Veneers

“I am embarrassed about my smile, I want to change it, but I have seen dental work where crowns don’t look real and they have black lines around the gums….”

Case 10 – Emax Porcelain Veneers

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