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Preventative Dentistry

Having an effective at home oral care routine as well as attending regular check-ups with CDC team, will keep your teeth clean, your breath fresh and gums healthy. All it takes is a few minutes each day to achieve and maintain your oral health, and our dental hygienists are on hand to help you maintain the optimum level of oral health with an easy to follow at home routine.

We offer the following Preventative Dentistry Services

Gum Disease (Periodontics)

Periodontics is an area of dentistry primarily focussed on preventing and treating gum disease via the supportive structures surrounding your teeth, namely the gums, jawbone, roots and ligaments.

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Hygienist Services

Our commitment to you has seen us develop a hygiene department, which has been running for over 2 years with positive results. Our emergency procedures have dropped by 75%!

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Continuing Care

Dependant on your overall health we generally recommend a full oral examination and professional teeth cleaning to be undertaken at every 6 months.

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Pregnancy and Dentistry

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation and change. There are many obvious changes throughout a woman’s body and some not so obvious, that occur within the mouth, or oral cavity. While temporary, pregnancy does affect how and when dental care is provided.

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Caries Prevention

Complete Dental Care can offer specific advice related to caries prevention.

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