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Early & Interceptive Orthodontics

Early & Interceptive Orthodontics

At CDC, we practice early intervention orthodontics, also known as Orthopaedics, to assist in utilising the growth of children to correct jaw discrepancies and guide their jaws to create enough space for adult teeth to emerge. This pre-treatment can often prevent crowding of adult teeth as they erupt during the teenage years. By relieving crowding, the need for extraction of otherwise perfect, healthy adult teeth is greatly reduced as is the need for later orthodontic correction.

In some cases, where orthodontic correction is still required after early interception (Phase 1 Therapy) has occured, we can often achieve full orthodontic correction (Phase 2 Therapy) in cases that would have otherwise required surgical intervention if the malocclusion had been allowed to continue to develop.


Although orthodontics can be delayed until adolescence, at CDC we recommended early orthodontic screening examinations of every child by the age of 8 years. This facilitates early treatment when appropriate. The aim is to intercept and prevent a malocclusion (bad bite) from fully developing and to correctly develop the child’s jaw structure into the proper proportions. We also intervene at this age to reverse the effects of tongue thrust and thumb sucking habits. This interceptive therapy is done so to establish the best facial balance and harmony for adolescent and adult life.

Orthodontics has become a much less ‘frightening’ treatment for children when correcting mal-aligned teeth. Today, with the use of finer brace wires and less bulky brackets, we find that orthodontics is a much more acceptable treatment and that children respond well to all treatment outcomes. One major benefit with these advancements is that it now offers more reduced treatment times with improved, long-lasting results.

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