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Adult Restorative Orthodontics

Adult Restorative OrthodonticsAdults have special needs in their orthodontic treatment as the rapid facial growth that occurred during childhood and adolescence is no longer present and therefore cannot be incorporated into a treatment strategy. Adults generally have a dentition that has been modified (sometimes extensively) by wear and tear, previous dental or orthodontic procedures, disease and other factors such as trauma.

As a general rule an adult dentition will require extractions to relive moderate to severe crowding or bite discrepancies. Where orthopaedic expansion or a large correction of the bite is required, surgical assistance is usually required. Another important area of adult orthodontics is “adjunctive” to other dental procedures. When complex, multidisciplinary treatment is needed, orthodontics can be used to streamline and simplify the treatment and significantly improve the outcome, both functionally and aesthetically. One example of those types of treatment is the opening of space orthodontically to enable the proper placement of an implant where a tooth has been previously lost from the arch.

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