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Orthodontics has come a long way from the days of bulky, heavy, metal wires and brackets. There is a vast range of orthodontic solutions available, all designed for different purposes and may be used at various stages of treatment. Following a thorough assessment, we will discuss the most appropriate treatment option.

Orthodontics helps


As well as straightening teeth, orthodontics helps correct other oral health problems. These include:

  • jaw misalignment which can lead to constant recurring headaches
  • head, neck and even shoulder pain in later life
  • perfectly aligned teeth are easier to clean which reduces the chance of developing gum disease which can result in tooth loss.

Orthodontics – Treatments

In addition to children and teenagers, many adults are discovering the benefits of orthodontics. Tooth coloured braces and clear aligners are much less noticeable and therefore have greater appeal to adults who were reluctant to undergo treatment due to the impact metal braces would have on their social and professional life.

Early & Interceptive Orthodontics Standard Orthodontics

Social 6 Invisalign


There is nothing like a broad smile on a child’s face. Dental irregularities can become apparent by around age 8 after the first adult molars have come through. Treatment at this age may range from monitoring the growth of the teeth and facial bones, through to fixed or removable braces to prevent crowding.

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Teenage orthodontic treatment usually begins after all the adult teeth have come through, between the ages of 11 and 13. Following an assessment, the team at CDC will discuss with you and your child the most suitable treatment and explain the options available to achieve an optimal long-term result.

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While many adults desire a beautiful straight smile they are reluctant to undertake orthodontic treatment due to the appearance metal braces would have on their social and professional life.

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Adult & Restorative Orthodontics

Adults have special needs in their orthodontic treatment as the rapid facial growth that occurred during childhood and adolescence is no longer present and therefore cannot be incorporated into a treatment strategy.

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Treatment & Oral Health

Teeth with braces require extra special care. Dirty mouths lead to tooth decay, bleeding gums and bad breath. To prevent that from occurring when wearing your braces you will need to become an excellent tooth-brusher and flosser.

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