Paediatric Orthodontics

For over 20 years, Melbourne families have trusted Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley and his team at Complete Dental Care to look after their dental needs.
By looking after your children's teeth early, CDC can help give teenagers and adults a smile they are proud of for life.

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Orthodontics for children

Preventative dental care for your child in a family-friendly environment is a high priority at Complete Dental Care.

Our aim is to help your children build positive dental routines, to give each child the best chance of having healthy teeth and gums for life.  

Our team of family-friendly dentists have decades of paediatric experience working with children from 12 months old through to their teenage years.  We understand that communicating with a child about their teeth and dental habits is very different to similar conversations with an adult.  We take care to ensure that your child is at ease and even enjoys their trip to the dentist.

We provide general services for children and families such as regular examinations and professional cleans through to advice on habits that may impact their breathing or growth.  We are equipped and experienced providing treatments for more complex conditions, such as surgery or early intervention orthodontics.

Orthotropics is the discipline of developing correct growth in our children. When we grow well we develop room for all our facial structures. Room so our tongue and head muscles can relax. Room so our joints can lubricate. Room for air to pass cleanly down our throats. And of course, room for all our teeth to line up straight!  

Dr Simon Wong of our children’s dentistry team has studied under Professor John Mew, the pioneer of Orthotropics who developed the Good Oral Posture Exercises program, based on the principles of Facial Growth Guidance

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Why choose us

Six reasons to choose our service

Experienced Dentists

CDC's handpicked team of experienced dentists deliver excellence in children's dentistry.

Children Friendly

Our dentists are experts in communicating with children and helping them enjoy their visit.

Holistic Approach

With a focus on prevention, we work with you to avoid expensive restoration work later.

Onsite Technology

Onsite 3D scanning and tooth printing are only some of the modern technology we use.

Convenient Location

Located on St Kilda Road, just a short tram ride from the CBD, and close to numerous schools.

Saturday Appointments

By appointment, we can see patients outside of school hours.

Leading Thinker in Orthotropics

Developing correct oral growth in children

Our approach to children’s dentistry is not just to straighten teeth, but to help each child correctly grow their jaw.

Orthotropics can be significant in helping good breathing patterns in children with ADHD, assists with forming a straight and comfortable bite which can also impact on speech, as well as assisting with the formation of the adult jaw line.

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Latest in Dental Technologies

Technology in dentistry provides better outcomes

At Complete Dental Care, we employ the latest technology available in dentistry today to ensure the quickest and best results, with the least amount of disruption. 

All children visiting our practice will commence their digital record of their dentistry, which will support the best future decisions for the care of their teeth and jaws.  When orthodontics is required, we will recommend the best solution for your child from a range of options including invisalign.  We utilise ClinCheck software which allows 3D viewing of planned treatment, and provides accurate estimates of the length of treatment.

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