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Children’s Dentistry

Childrens DentistryAt CDC children’s dentistry is a priority and we can accommodate appointments for children using the latest technologies, to make even the youngest child feel comfortable and at home during their visit.

Often a morning appointment is ideal so your child is not tired and we are able to explain the procedures in a way they will understand and make them feel comfortable. It is important for young children to start visiting our dental team on a regular basis; from around age 2. We will educate your child on the correct brushing and flossing techniques and know that an early start will assist with their oral health routine throughout life. We are dedicated to making your child’s appointment a fun experience so they become enthusiastic about attending future appointments so they can keep their smile healthy for life.

Upper arch new appliance

We will discuss any child related dental health issues, including;

  • Fissure sealants to protect teeth from decay
  • Mouthguards to protect teeth from trauma during contact sports
  • Dietary advice to keep sugar intake low
  • Brushing and flossing tips, easy for children to understand and implement
  • TPA occlusalFluoride treatments
  • Early diagnosis and ongoing care
  • Orthodontics (Early 8-12 years & Adolescent 13-18 years)
  • Pacifier & Thumb sucking habits
  • Tongue Thrust and lisping habits
  • Snoring and Blocked nasal passages
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